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The Triennial

The project counts on the collaboration of professional figures from the world of art and culture. The Artistic Direction is given to Sandro Serradifalco. The ‘’Triennale Italia’’  will include different sections dedicated to the most important artistic disciplines: painting, sculpture, graphic, photography and design. For each section will be selected some of the most influential contemporary exponents from Italy and abroad.
The artworks’ exhibition will take place inside the spaces of Verona Fair (Palaexpo). The project will enjoy of an international spread and it will be again the right opportunity to give prominence to the beauties of our land so to play up its Masters and the most  charming spots. The high competence of the artistic committee will pledge to show a significative cross section of the actual creativity thorugh several collateral events and interesting cultural exchanges. Italian and international TV Press, web (art and culture web-site), specialised magazines, newspapers and radio will promote the event, together with advertising totems, flyers, posters and brochures. EA Editore will take care and realize the official catalog of the event. The book, realized through high quality typographical, will includes a wide section dedicated to the city of Verona, with pictures and texts of its most important and suggestive places.

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